It’s true– you dine with your eyes first. Your J&R broiler will effortlessly be the focal point of the kitchen. The live fire from the broiler is both fascinating and effective in searing and sealing in exceptional flavor. J&R broilers give steak, poultry, and seafood that colorful texture and taste that you expect. We have always paid close attention to the comfort, safety and convenience of the Chefs who use our equipment and we know the outside temperature on some broilers can be quite uncomfortable. Our broiler design employs Chef-cool technology, which means multiple layers of thick lining, insulation and steel translates into a relatively cool exterior while directing the heat where it matters- searing that dry aged steak to perfection.

These premium broilers are developed to be low maintenance, easy to operate, and always durable for decades of dining excellence and enjoyment.

Explore our selection of Broilers that are designed to bring the best fire and flavor to your kitchen:

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big red custom broiler

Kabob Broiler

Our countertop Kabob Broiler with a shallow firebox is perfect for small skewers. Different sizes available.

Robata grill


The Robata Grill includes three separate grilling surfaces and fireboxes for traditional Japanese Robata Grilling.

Woodshow broiler

Wood Show Broiler ™

The Wood Show Broiler™ is our standard, Santa Maria style grill. It can be built to any size starting at 36″ wide. The lifting wheel can be placed on the left, right or deleted. Optional accessories include a backsplash, side splashes, and shelves with or without pan cutouts.


Immerse Yourself In The Fire & Smoke Of An Authentic Barbeque Experience

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