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Best Commercial Smokers

Authenticity starts with us. We are the original BBQ masters who manufacture the world’s best industrial kitchen equipment.

In the Beginning, There Was Barbecue

We were born to be bold. Cooking with live fuel using hardwood and charcoal has a rich history, and we have kept the embers growing ever since. It all started with one exceptional product, the Oyler Pit and we approach each new unit with the same tenacity and integrity as the first.

Slow and steady for best results. Established in 1974, the sharp entrepreneurship from Mike Higgins and H.E. Finley, paired with the patented technology of Herbert Oyler’s original Oyler Pit, redefined the industry. The simple and effective technique of all night cooking, rotating rotisserie motion, without attention produced delicious BBQ results and that remains our benchmark today.

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Values That Award Success

Our equipment hosts savory results. Top restaurants with long waiting lists all have something in common- genuine J&R equipment firing and serving up some serious success in the kitchen.

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Taste is the ultimate goal. The flavors, textures, tenderness, and appearance of the foods cooked in our equipment are incomparable.

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Quality is key. Our commercial ovens use heavy gauge steel and thick refractory linings and have been field tested over the last 30 years so they are built to last.

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Creative to the bone. The company was first in the industry to introduce the use of thermostatic controls, convected air, cook and hold, and evacuation systems on 100% wood-fired units.

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Customers come first. A knowledgeable staff to answer the toll free phone lines is always ready and able to help. Support is available before, during, and at any time after installation.

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