Custom  Smokers, Grills & Rotisseries 

Commercial Wood-Burning Smokers, Grills and Rotisseries made in TEXAS-where we understand BBQ.

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Commercial Smokers, Grills & Rotisseries-made by the experts at J&R Manufacturing

We have a Fire and Smoke cooking philosophy that inspires the chefs who choose our  smokers, rotisseries, and grills. This infuses just the right amount of wood flavor with no harsh chemical aftertaste- a feature true to authentic Texas BBQ. J&R products are manufactured in Texas and are distributed all over the globe in over 56 countries around the world.

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Customer support is a priority for J&R Manufacturing. Our experts have over 50 years in the business of producing the finest-quality wood smokers on the market. Buy our products and you will always get a live person to answer any questions you and/or your team may have-24 hours per day.

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Established back in 1974 with a long list of industry firsts. The Oyler pit, named after its late innovator Herbert Oyler, was 100% wood fired and the first to be UL approved and NSF certified.

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The people who design and manufacture our commercial smokers, grills and rotisseries are food specialists first. They expertly develop  add-on features and model upgrades with flavor, texture and tenderness at the forefront of every design.

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Since 1974 J&R Manufacturing products have been built to last. Our highest priority is quality. We use heavy duty stainless steel and techniques made to withstand time and everyday use in all our products.