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How long will it cook/hold temperature?

Using large green logs, you can expect the pit to hold cooking temperatures for about 12 hours.

How much wood does it use?

If you cook every day, plan on about one and a half cords of wood per month.

What wood should I use?

Any nut-bearing hardwood. The most popular woods are hickory, oak, and mesquite.

Can the smokers be used inside?

Absolutely! You can also install it outside, but it needs to be protected from the elements.

How long will the units last?

With proper care, basically forever…we have units built in the 1970’s that are still producing great barbecue.

Why is wood better than gas?

There is simply no doubt that cooking with 100 % wood is superior to cooking with a gas/wood combination. Gas changes the taste of barbecue.

How does it ship?

Oylers typically ship on flatbed truck/trailers and are offloaded with a forklift or crane. Little Red Smokehouses and Smoke-Masters usually ship in enclosed tractor/trailers and can be offloaded with a liftgate delivery or a forklift.

Do the products need electricity?

Yes, for the temperature controls and rotisserie.

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