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Why Choose J&R

By choosing J&R, you are welcoming world class equipment into your kitchen. It starts with live fuel and ends with our faithful promise to manufacture the best smokers, broilers and rotisseries possible.

Building Trust Through Good Cooking

Food unites us all and live fuel is our love language. Cooking together translates across all cultures and creates a canvas of culinary creativity and innovation all over the world.

Cooking with live fuel on the world’s finest culinary equipment takes it to the next level. We build trust with each product that leaves our warehouse but also in the dedicated customer service that follows.

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How Our Experience Can Enhance Yours

Our manufacturing experience translates into an enhanced experience for you. Innovations like our Chef Cool insulation benefit both taste and comfortable staff, for a better Chef experience.

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The dedication extends beyond delivery. Once you own a piece of J&R, you automatically gain our dedicated and transparent customer service. Got feedback? We are here to support you.

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We have practical knowledge by the pound. J&R manufacturers and are also food specialists, so producing high quality industrial smokers and broilers for our customers is both a science and an art.

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With decades of experience, we have elevated the industry. We have managed to honor traditions and innovate with the main objective of advocating live fuel equipment worldwide.

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We understand your affinity for exceptional taste and texture. We put the power of slow smoked meats, succulent rotisserie, and broiled-to-perfection seafood right in your hands.

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We Will Collaborate To Build
The Custom Grill of Your Dreams

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