Expert Consultants

J&R has a team of expert consultants to support you at any stage of your restaurants' journey from concept to getting ready to launch to seasoned professionals looking to expand their offering and everything in between. Feel free to reach out to us directly at contact@jrmanufacturing.com or engage our trusted partners directly below.

Dante Ramirez

Dante Ramirez of Tender Smokehouse

With over two decades in the world of barbecue and J&R equipment, Dante Ramirez has a wealth of knowledge through hands-on experience including being the founder and owner of Tender Smokehouse. His consulting ventures include work overseas including Blacket Smokehouse (Italy) and Rhino Rouge (France) and have solidified his reputation as a global smoke maestro, blending regional techniques and the finest products to create a symphony of flavors that captivate customers.

Mauro Cheifari

Mauro Cheifari of TexicanaBBQ Consulting
YouTube channel

Mauro Cheifari has an impressive and diverse portfolio of barbecue consultancy work across the United States. Mauro has fine-tuned the art of smoke, imparting his wisdom to pitmasters nationwide. His dedication to crafting superior flavors has made him a revered figure to barbecue aficionados.

André Natara

André Natara of Chef’s PSA

André Natera has cooked alongside some great chefs in the industry, including Michelin-starred maestros and renowned culinary experts. His exceptional skills and dedication have earned him numerous accolades from Dallas and Austin media. As the former Culinary Director and Executive Chef of Fairmont Austin, the world’s largest four-star hotel per Forbes Travel, André oversaw an impressive culinary program, including the esteemed four-star restaurant Garrison.

Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen of MCR Barbecue

Michael Rosen of MCR Barbecue, is a factory-authorized agent and wizard behind the restoration of old J&R equipment. With a career dedicated to breathing new life into smokers and grills, Michael's expertise spans decades. His consultancy work has seen him transform aging equipment into gleaming like-new models as well as working with restaurant and commercial clients to service warranties, arrange sales of new J&R equipment, and consult on many aspects of restaurant operations.

Terrence Hill

Terrance Hill
YouTube channel

Terrance Hill draws upon his roots when his father and
uncle taught him classic barbecue techniques starting from 12-years-old. It became his profession. His background has afforded him the opportunities to do barbecue consulting throughout the country as well as Canada, where he helped open the first authentic Texas barbecue restaurant. Terrance’s deep expertise with J&R smokers helps him to help others deliver rich flavors, honed through years of crafting exceptional barbecue.

Thomas - France (1)

Thomas Abramowicz


Thomas is a barbecue-mad Frenchman who moved on from a career in luxury marketing to explore Texas and get introduced to the world of BBQ. Driven by passion and a purist approach, he bought a J&R Oyler 700E and opened one of the first Central Texas-style BBQ restaurants in Europe. Praised by prophets of smoke like Wayne Mueller and Daniel Vaughn ,Thomas now supports International Sales at J&R.

Trusted Partners

We work with premium partners and suppliers who support your culinary efforts and lifestyle all around the U.S., and the world. The finest service, wood, and whiskey – and more – are just a call away. Reach out to us at info@jrmanufacturing.com or feel free to engage with our partners directly. Please let them know J&R sent you.

Butler Wood
Houston, TX

A leading premium-firewood supplier for great restaurants in Texas and throughout the world. They meet global needs every day.