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Custom Commercial BBQ Products

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We Can Create your Custom Product

Since 1974 we have collaborated and customized units to meet the exact needs of our clients, and the momentum continues. J & R can customize a combination broiler and rotisserie model that dials down its kitchen real estate without having to scale back its flavor impact or cooking volume. We also welcome combining any of the features of our existing products and incorporating creative customer ideas into a truly custom unit.

We are the global go-to manufacturer for custom wood fired smokers, broilers and rotisseries primed and ready to put your plans into action.

Our Best In Class Products

Our smokers, broilers and rotisseries are best in class products. They are designed to optimize heat and smoke flow, for greater taste and tenderness.

Helping You Maintain Your Custom Commercial BBQ Products

Serving you the best experience. From manufacturing, shipment to installation J&R is here to help understand and get the best experience out of your new equipment with a full circle customer service approach.

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We have knowledgeable staff to answer the toll free phone lines and are able to help. Support is available before, during, and at any time after installation.

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Our authentic guarantee is to always manufacture innovative, premium quality industrial live fuel kitchen equipment to cater to the evolving needs of our customers worldwide.

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Durability starts in our warehouse. We manufacture high quality and thoroughly field tested culinary products to supply your kitchen with the power of live fuel technology. All of our products are durable, chef-friendly, cost-effective, and innovative.

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Pioneers in the pits. We were the first in our industry to introduce the use of thermostatic controls, convected air, cook and hold, and evacuation systems on 100% wood-fired units.


Customer support comes standard with us. We are here to help answer any questions or address feedback you may have in regards to your new J&R premium kitchen equipment.

If you cook every day, plan on about one and a half cords of wood per month.

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Offering You
Flavors Like No Other

A flavor punch that every pit master or master chef craves. No secret ingredient required. Our products stem from a simple process—live fuel and high quality equipment. By holding on to the integrity of old school smoking and constantly innovating our commercial smokers to suit the evolving needs of the culinary world we have unlocked some serious pit mastery. We have managed to smoke our competition by being innovative, creative and unapologetic about our quest for mouth-watering barbeque.


Whichever product you choose, you have instantly elevated the culinary experience for you and your restaurant guests by using J&R products.


Come see us! Our test kitchen is fully equipped, ready for you to try or we can fire something up for you.


Like all innovators, we learn by experience. Professional grade smoking and grilling require heat, patience and attention to detail.

Immerse Yourself In The Fire & Smoke Of An Authentic Barbeque Experience

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