It’s often said that you first dine with your eyes. Well, a hand-crafted, durable, and beautiful J&R grill will become the focal point of your kitchen for your customers and your team alike. The live-fire from the grill – there are other options too – is effective for searing exceptional flavor and it will fascinate your diners every day. J&R grills – including our flagship Wood Show™ Broiler – always infuse steak, poultry, seafood, and vegetables with a colorful texture and a deep, rich taste that everyone has come to expect.

And, we’re always focused on the comfort and safety of our chefs, so our grills employ J&R’s Chef-Cool™ tech, which uses insulation and hardened steel that translates into a relatively cool exterior while directing the heat where it matters most – searing your meats to perfection.

Our premium, adjustable grills are also developed to be low maintenance, easy to operate, and ultra-durable so they provide decades of excellence, consistency, profitability, and joy. Explore our selection of premium, industrial-grade grills designed to bring the finest fire and flavor to your kitchen. Our Wood Show grills start at 3-feet wide but can go as large – and with custom features – to fit your unique needs! Our customization is unlimited. We’re ready to engage with your creativity. Our team is just a call away.

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The Show Grill

The J&R Show Grill is a durable, precise all-gas version of our famed Wood Show™ grill. Built to meet the rigors of daily use by the finest restaurants worldwide, this robust grill offers precision and total control to chefs of all cuisines thanks, in part, to its natural-gas-fueled capability, all leading to unmatched, consistent results every day. The professional-grade Connerton insert is notable for its quality and beauty.


Wood Show ™ Grill

Discover the Wood Show Grill, where durability and precision meet culinary showmanship, and Santa Maria-style barbecue can be perfected. A staple in fine restaurants worldwide, this legendary grill enhances flavor and dining experiences with its live-hardwood-fuel fire cooking. It’s not just a grill, it’s a profit booster, captivating diners as they watch their meals cook to perfection. Designed for the discerning chef, it offers unparalleled control over the intense heat of hardwood fuels, allowing for adjustable cooking distances and fuel efficiency, all leading to unmatched flavors. The Wood Show can also be built as an all-gas-fired unit with a professional-grade insert, making it just as durable and precise as the original. Embrace the art of the Wood Show Grill, where every meal also becomes a memorable spectacle for diners.


Robata Japanese Grill

Experience the essence of traditional Japanese Robata grilling with our premium wood-fired Robata grill by J&R. Honoring centuries-old culinary practices, this premium grill is a modern tribute to the revered art of Robata, offering both authenticity and chef-friendly features. It boasts three distinct grilling zones for unmatched flexibility, each with three adjustable heights to suit multiple cooking styles at the same time. This innovative Robata grill includes built-in saucepans and a front fuel-loading door for effortless operation. Its innovative design ensures heat remains inside the grill for a cooler kitchen environment, enhancing both safety and comfort. Crafted for durability and precision, this J&R grill is a long-term investment in quality and tradition, destined to delight customers and chefs alike for years.

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Custom Grills

Our expert manufacturing team welcomes any challenge to customize a unit to fit your specific kitchen needs. Shelves, hangers, smokebox, or racks are just some of the endless possibilities in creating the unit you envision.


The J&R Vault™ Holding Cabinet

A robust warmer built to complement every kitchen.


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