Commercial Gas-Fired Grills & Rotisseries Only J&R Could Build

At J&R, we build industry-leading, all-gas kitchen products that deliver the unmatched efficiency, consistency, visual experience, and rich flavors that keep customers coming back! Yes, we changed the barbecue industry with the launch of famed Oyler Pit Smoker in 1974 – that used live wood fuel for rich, smoky flavors – but we always focused on providing everyone, in all commercial kitchens, the world’s finest grills, rotisseries, and custom combos whose lifespans are measured in decades. Relied upon by the world’s finest chefs the world over and only from J&R.

The J&R Vault™ Holding Cabinet

A robust warmer built to complement every kitchen.


Fabuloso ™ Rotisserie

The Fabuloso™ by J&R, a pioneering rotisserie since the early 1990s, is in many of America’s top restaurants. This innovative rotisserie combines gas-fired infrared burners with a wood-burning area, offering authentic wood fire flavors. There is also an all-gas-fired model if live wood is not desired. The Fabuloso stands out thanks, in part, to its customizable design, including double openings for customer and kitchen-side access and a double rotisserie. Available in several exterior finishes, it’s designed to impress your customers and enhance your bottom line. The warm glow of the wood fire, which can include ceramic logs for all-gas models, not only cooks perfectly but also entices diners, making your offerings irresistible. Featuring a convenient pipe burner for easy wood lighting and a stainless steel pan with water nozzles for simple cleaning, it suits most commercial kitchen needs. The Fabuloso isn’t just a rotisserie; it’s designed to elevate the overall dining experience.


Wood Show ™ Grill

Discover the Wood Show Grill, where durability and precision meet culinary showmanship, and Santa Maria-style barbecue can be perfected. A staple in fine restaurants worldwide, this legendary grill enhances flavor and dining experiences with its live-hardwood-fuel fire cooking. It’s not just a grill, it’s a profit booster, captivating diners as they watch their meals cook to perfection. Designed for the discerning chef, it offers unparalleled control over the intense heat of hardwood fuels, allowing for adjustable cooking distances and fuel efficiency, all leading to unmatched flavors. The Wood Show can also be built as an all-gas-fired unit with a professional-grade insert, making it just as durable and precise as the original. Embrace the art of the Wood Show Grill, where every meal also becomes a memorable spectacle for diners.


Milano Arosti ™ All Gas Rotisserie & Grill Combo

The all-gas Milano Arosti by J&R expertly combines a gas-fired radiant grill with a rotisserie featuring gas-fired infrared burners, making it a versatile, precise, and efficient choice for professional kitchens. This beautiful gas-fired model, available in various sizes and capacities, caters to any space requirement, ensuring optimal utilization of floor space while offering consistent cooking results. Its radiant broiler and infrared rotisserie add modern efficiency to J&R’s product lineup, which is built to last for decades to come.

Charrasco Rotisserie

Churrasco Rotisserie

Discover J&R’s Churrasco Rotisserie, providing an authentic Brazilian steakhouse experience. They start at 48 inches and are available in various sizes to meet your needs. Rooted in Brazilian barbecue tradition, this unique rotisserie brings the gaucho’s time-honored cooking style to your kitchen, blending classic flavors with modern convenience. J&R’s Churrasco Rotisserie comes in a smoke-fired model for traditionalists and an efficient gas-fired model too. Your choice. Efficient, safe, and simple to use, it delivers the unique taste of southern Brazil with the precision of contemporary technology and will do so for decades to come. Further enhance your menu with this innovative product, while preserving the age-old Churrasco tradition that will give your customers a remarkable dining experience that will keep them coming back.