Custom Products

Since our founding in 1974, we’ve been thrilled to collaborate and create custom products for some of the world’s finest chefs. This creative tradition continues. Our expert J&R design and manufacturing team will customize a combination broiler/grill and rotisserie model – or just about anything else – that fits in your kitchen while amplifying your impact on flavors and overall operation. We can combine the features of our existing products and infuse the creativity of our customers to build a truly custom unit.

We are a proud American manufacturer based in Texas – and known around the world – for creating best-in-class custom wood-fired smokers, grills, and rotisseries that deliver the flavors, efficiency, and durability that your business and your customers demand! Our team is just a call away.

Our expert manufacturing team welcomes any challenge to customize a unit to fit your specific kitchen needs. Shelves, hangers, smokebox, or racks are just some of the endless possibilities in creating the unit you envision.

Please contact J&R if you would like to request a custom product.

We Will Collaborate To Build
The Custom Grill of Your Dreams

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