Top 5 Must-Have Commercial Grill Features for Restaurants

High-quality commercial grills, whether wood-burning, like Santa Maria style models, or the more common gas-fired types, must meet many high standards to effectively serve the demands of a restaurant kitchen today and into the future. At J&R Manufacturing, we aim to provide prospective customers with all the information they need to make this significant investment—an investment that must grow alongside you for years to come. Read more below.

  1. First, it’s crucial to purchase a high-quality grill from a brand known for products that are embraced by top restaurants and chefs. They must last for years, even decades, in tough environments. Prioritize testimonials over ads, and ensure the brand maintains its reputation in the present day. Additionally, see if you can test one of their grills for yourself, even if it means traveling a bit, or find a nearby restaurant that uses their equipment. Observing and using the grill firsthand is advisable, as quality is typically apparent and ensures the grill will serve you well now and into the future. You probably wouldn’t purchase a new car without a test drive. The same rule applies here.
  1. The grill you choose should offer precise control and be easy to use. Much like a photographer wouldn’t use a non-adjustable lens, a wood-burning grill should feature an intuitive chef’s wheel that resets quickly, allowing for seamless transition between smoking and grilling. Gas-fired models should provide complete control over the grilling surface, with some, like Japanese Robata grills, offering zone-specific control. Intuitive and precise control is essential. That’s one crucial factor in all equipment that’s deemed professional-grade.
  1. The importance of a product being American-made varies by individual but it often signifies quality and better supports the U.S. economy too. Given recent supply chain issues, this has also become a practical consideration. Ensuring timely access to parts and support for your grill is crucial, as unexpected challenges arise in the restaurant industry, and relying on nearby American-made products could ensure smoother operations.
  1. Service and support are critical. Proper troubleshooting can often prevent the need for service. This timely support for your professional-grade grill is indispensable. First, you should verify the company’s commitment to its products through their actions, not just words. Explore their website, contact them about service processes or advice before you buy, and look for testimonials about their support quality. The level of service should be evident. It’s another form of quality that you can test before you buy.
  1. In the competitive restaurant industry, while durability in kitchen equipment is vital, aesthetic appeal also plays a significant role. You can have it all: brawn and good looks. Features like a chef’s wheel on both wood-fired and gas-fired grills for visual effect, custom colors to match your branding, and even portability for outdoor events can enhance your restaurant’s appeal. A visually appealing grill will reflect the quality of your restaurant and the meals you put out on a daily basis. Looks matter.

These are five key factors in choosing the right commercial grill! There are other factors, such as selecting the fuel type and customization options to meet your needs. That said, remember, quality, control, American-made dependability, excellent service, and visual appeal will guide you to the best decision for your business. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.

Louis Anastas