Robata Japanese Grill

Experience the essence of traditional Japanese Robata grilling with our premium wood-fired Robata grill by J&R. Honoring centuries-old culinary practices, this premium grill is a modern tribute to the revered art of Robata, offering both authenticity and chef-friendly features. It boasts three distinct grilling zones for unmatched flexibility, each with three adjustable heights to suit multiple cooking styles at the same time. This innovative Robata grill includes built-in saucepans and a front fuel-loading door for effortless operation. Its innovative design ensures heat remains inside the grill for a cooler kitchen environment, enhancing both safety and comfort. Crafted for durability and precision, this J&R grill is a long-term investment in quality and tradition, destined to delight customers and chefs alike for years.

  • Dimensions: 48"W x 38"D x 48"H
  • Weight: 1450 lbs.
  • Grate Size: 2 at 19"W x 6"D & 1 at 13"W x 28"D
  • Fuel: Wood/Charcoal

ETL Listed & NSF Approved (CE Mark Available)
  • Broiler
  • Japanese
  • Robata
  • Seafood
  • Fine Dining
There isn't currently any information for this product
There isn't currently any information for this product
There isn't currently any information for this product

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